Pulse of the Day: Emerging Out of Victimhood

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When people talk about empowerment and victimhood - often using it as a way to slight those who may have been victimised at one or many points of their life which may have made them susceptible to further victimisation - they tend to speak from a place of a very crucial lack of understanding (which may feel like a lack of empathy at times) when they try to rationalise the process of empowerment as step one, know your problem and step two, solve it like magic.

We do this to ourselves as well wherein we assume and may feel frustrated with not automatically being empowered upon learning of our victimisation and its impact. It can show up in many ways and what today's pulse with The Hangedman in reverse speaks of is that whenever we are empowering ourselves or changing and healing from trauma, or any kind of distress that may have had a deep seated impact on our lives, it can sometimes feel much harder than what the knowledge of healing may have led us to believe, because to feel your way out of one way of being and into another is often a process that takes time and exists outside of clear bounds and definitions.

What this says today is that if you are anxious, afraid and nervous because of the changes that seem to be unavoidable and don't seem to quickly move forward, please lend yourself all the kindness you can and don't force the process to be rushed. Take your time with it.

Through the many layers of this process of unbecoming and becoming, you may feel tempted to assume you are done and that you know things now, only to realise that there is always something more that you learn. In those moments, know that focusing on building your emotional strength is what is going to help you move through this. Your mind will learn to adapt. It always has and will. You do not need to chase after it to do so.

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