June 21, 2021: Where Have You Been Stuck?

Hello hello, and sorry for being MIA! I have been juggling way too many things and June 10th certainly feels much far back than it actually may be. Either way, happy to be back and here is today's pulse:

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Sometimes, being brave does not merely lie in battle and liberation. That happens later. First comes the courage to look a problem area without flinching in fear or judgment.

With The Devil as our card of the day today, I feel this as an invitation to sit in reflection around an area where we have been stuck in varying painful ways, and not been able to look at them to begin to detangle. You know, those parts that seem too emotionally charged, too sensitive to touch and hence, are left on the wayside, to be dealt with later.

An insight may be arising in these parts for you with subtle clues on finally finding a way out. It is time to move ahead, but for that you need the ability to slow down and really see the finer details of how to do that, without minimising any of the hard parts.

Today's pulse is a reminder that sometimes all you need is to understand something which may have been hard in to do so not too far back in the past, to not be afraid of looking at it because you are not the same as before. You have learnt, you have grown and what was harder or painful-confusion generating earlier, is ready to be more deeply seen, understood, forgiven and healed now.

Avoiding the reality of your difficulty for whatever reason of habit, denial or fear, will never help you move out of it for good. You know all of this, this is just a reminder and a gentle validation for you to recall it. Good luck!

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