Pulse of the Day: Decluttering Values

Today, I have something different for you. While I am offering the Pulse of the Day here, I have an extended audio version of it here that you can purchase & download. Its priced at $7, get it if you so feel called to do.

Coming to today's pulse in brief - represented by the Two of Swords in reverse, it feels like it is time to make that decision that you may have been hesitant (not fully resistant) to make. With the two of the card, this feels like a need to make a choice between what feel like two opposing realities, two opposing principles and values, two opposing identities; and which is where it is hard to make a choice because making the choice requires commitment and commitment, when seen through the limitedness of cultural understanding of identity, is often seen as limiting possibilities.

What this means simply is that making a choice (whether dramatic or daily) does not imply that you're going off-track, or that the other choice is forever gone. In the long term view of life and life's journey, it really is about choosing what feels authentic to you at a point in time, without fear or worry of being imperfect because perfection is an illusion.

You may be struggling to make a choice because you may have, unbeknownst to yourself, developed or picked up fear of making mistakes and/or how that may affect how others value you. That is what needs to and is changing now, if you so allow it.

In the extended version, I share more on this broadly around themes of decluttering your values and developing a vision of your life, with curiosity and playfulness.

Find it here and tell me how you find it! I quite liked recording it. If not getting this, you can also feel free to support my work by buying me a coffee as well. Thank you.

Lastly, take some time to pause and reflect on what the rest of the year looks like for you and where you'd like to put in your energy next. Good luck!

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