June 30, 2021: Intense Brain Action

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June has been an intense month for me vis-a-vis imagining what more I would like to do with The Daily Pulse and while I have some thoughts, I realise that they require more time and energy at this point to be worked on, which I will. So, for now, we are (hopefully) back to regular programming of daily updates or what I call, Pulse of the Day, here; while I work on the next steps. I update whenever I post daily on my Instagram. Additionally, the brilliant people at Scrollstack have also added a feature for you to "follow" The Daily Pulse to be notified whenever I post, so make sure to hit the "Follow" button before going ahead.

Also, before you read ahead, here is my BuyMeACoffee page that you can go to and send me a coffee if you feel like anything I have shared here today or in the past has added value to your life. Thank you and now for the Pulse of the Day.

Today's pulse is represented by the Queen of Swords in the Tarot and very simply put, this is my card for being a person with a fantastic sense of mental boundaries. In popular social media lore, you may automatically look at this as boundaries in relationships and while that's one part of it, mental boundaries are much more than that. It is having a clear sense of what is yours to take, what is not, and having the ability and trust to discern. This can show up in simple ways of not consuming drama on social media if it has got nothing to do with you, or knowing the difference between your values and culturally imbibed & internalised values of others that don't apply to you. A whole mixed bag.

So, what does this card say today then?

The message that I get with this card today is 'keep your options, ears and eyes open'. Watch and observe when you are stuck in an unfamiliar territory.

There may be a chance of really high, really rigid, frantic thinking and processing going in your mind about something that you want to beckon into your life or that you want to create or do, but with everything that's going on, its not working because something is jusssst not adding up. There is something missing and the picture is not complete, and you're not sure why. Perhaps because it was supposed to be a clear simple thing but its turning out to be not, and if you don't pause your mind, there may be a chance of the mind spinning in circles wondering what-where-how.

The analogy that comes to mind is that of packing up to go somewhere, having made a very meticulous checklist of things to do, all the categories of stuff to pack in and so on and everything is working according to plan. But then, as you are moving around, a small loop in the wire trips you and then, something goes awry in the order that you created and you can't even see the wire or really put your finger on it, almost like the wire has disappeared into the floor.

This can trip you off literally and figuratively because now you don't know what exactly happened or how is it that your check-list is falling short now, or has had you miss out on some things. Its like falling out of your world of mental order into a small little tick turning everything upside down where you know something is missing but you don't know what that something is.

The way to move through this is to remember that while yes there may be that invisible wire that tripped you, the rest of your check-list works just fine and the rest of the order hence, is working just fine. The extent of chaos or order breakdown depends on how well or not so well, you are able to regulate your thoughts to ground yourself enough to work with what is working and not go chasing into the wild for whatever it is that is not.

So, wrapping up, with this card the advice (if you need one) really would be to try and not over work yourself and your mind and do what you can. Take action on things that are clear, strategise and prioritise on things that are obvious and right in front of you and can be dealt with. Trust me they will take significant time, while you free your mind off trying to do something about the things that are not in front of your eyes. Leave them be for when it's time to work with them, and believe me that time will also come.

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