July 1, 2021: Knowing versus Living

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This speaks to me of release of heavy codependent energy.

And, what do I mean by that?

When we talk about codependence on the internet and especially, if that is the source of all your information and knowledge (on relational trauma or dysfunctionality in relationships), what happens is that we don't realise that knowing is much much much easier than actually living something. So, in your mind you may know how something works, but at the same time, you cannot fully articulate the effort that would require because that only comes through taking action.

Its the same logic behind those memes around deciding to join the gym with enthusiasm, but realising that the physical effort of it is more than what you were prepared for.

Today, the Seven of Swords is a reminder of the fact that when seeking change that may be significant and towards greater health / wellbeing for yourself, the other(s) or the relationships you share, nothing can ever prepare you (especially not Instagram) for how hard and emotionally painful that process of emancipation can be. This is why they say, "life is a process".

This change can be challenging, if not necessarily deeply painful (though with codependence, the degree of pain may vary but exist), because it is a change in a fundamental way of existence for you. That's why while imagining change and wanting change in your mind is easier than actually being able to implement it. But, thing is, its not impossible, just not as happens-at-the-click-of-a-finger quick.

So, with this card, the message really is to hold space for your own process of becoming without rushing or forcing the process due to any irritation at it not happening quickly.

As an aside, another thing that this says to me today is that if you feel like arguing with someone who may be on their own healing journey and who may have expressed directly or indirectly, that they need some space, or that things for them have changed in their relationship with you or themselves; or another person wants to argue with you on these needs of yours, do not engage, at least for now. At least, while you are not feeling okay and more centred.

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