Pulse of the Day: Rest and Recuperate

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Sometimes when things don't happen the way we had planned, and hoped for, we can tend to feel really drained of energy, enthusiasm, motivation. After all, to plan something means to have had hope for it to materialise.

With the card of the day, today's pulse speaks of that sense of loss of energy at things not having panned out the way you'd estimated they would. Even if this isn't personal, it may be the exhaustion of living the lives we live, despite having hoped for 2021 to be different (in whatever ways you hoped and imagined). Even if you have adapted, the emotional impact of the pandemic & continuous news cycle is real.

So, what do you do? When would things change for the better? How can you prepare for that? How can you estimate when that would be?

By accepting the exhaustion you feel as a real, valid response to a real thing that is happening, directly or indirectly. And doing what you need to recuperate, instead of forcing something. Healing is effort and sometimes that effort is in not forcing action, when the action you need is lying in bed and napping. Today, if nothing else is possible, take 2 mins and sit with your eyes closed as a way of centring yourself.

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