Pulse of the Day: Shedding Pack Identity

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We are 'social animals' as much as we are unique, even if ordinarily so, creatures. What that means is that while there is a central tendency and even an aching to belong with something - a group, a belief, a community - to embody yourself wholly also requires changes in this sense of belonging as well. A common truth that is often hard to accept in relationships is precisely this, "we are meant to change, and so are our relationships."

Today's pulse is an echo of changing group dynamics, or a more drastic shift in finding oneself completely abandoning a group that no longer resonates with you, or watching another person do that.

Like I said, part of individuation and becoming requires a separation from others we identify with. If this is resonant, maybe you find it hard to leave a social group behind, not because you fear becoming your own, but perhaps you feel responsible for eroding the fabric of the group by choosing to leave / change. Perhaps, you have been the leader of the pack or a central part of the group and worry that the consequences of leaving would wreak havoc on the others because a lot of the heavy lifting was on your shoulders.

If this is you then, rest assured that leaving in authenticity is the best choice you can make. If you feel held back because you worry what others you care(d) about would feel, then remember that in the longer process of becoming, holding yourself back somewhere in your inauthenticity is not only stopping you from growing, but it surely isn't doing them and the pack a favour. It is perhaps time for them too, to find themselves without you. You mustn't take that away from them.

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